The Flametoys Gadgets blog is currently hosting a blog parade on the topic “ Worst Blog Experiences? ” instead, since there hasn’t been a blog parade here in the NetzNews blog for a while, we have joined this blog parade once. In my almost 1 year of blogging, I have already had some negative experiences with the respective blogger and blog. In the lower area, the questions asked about the blog parade are answered once.

Your worst incoming comments? 

I have already experienced a lot among the incoming comments here in the NetzNews blog, some commenters did not even manage to read part of the article and so questions have often been asked in the comments that you could have answered by reading the respective article be able.

Your worst blog acquaintances?

 My worst blogging acquaintance was once a blog in which I had commented on an article. The blog operator had then contacted me by e-mail and asked me to please leave more than just one sentence as an answer in the blog. In plain language, the blog operator wrote that if I would like to be linked from his blog, I should please leave a little more content. Of course, I never visited the blog again because I found the e-mail really cheeky.

Your worst blogging mistakes?

 The worst mistakes I’ve made blogging have to do with reviewing the article to be published. At the beginning of my blog time I experienced a lot of negative things, which ultimately made me check the articles to be published several times beforehand. A comment from a blogger drew my attention to this and I corrected the respective article as quickly as possible. Before you publish an article in the blog, you should definitely check it at least once more so that you don’t present your readers with a lousy article.

The blog parade will run until October 15th of this year, when the Flametoys Gadgets Blog will evaluate this blog parade and also list all the blogs involved. So if you want to join this blog parade, you still have a while to do so.

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