The best thing about having an Android smartphone is the endless possibility of customization that you can do on your device. App makers offer some incredibly diverse array of options for that, and most popular one is the launcher. Ranging from minimal skins to the explosive range of colors, there are hundreds of different Best Android Launchers that can give your phone a total makeover. Not only do they customize your phone, but some also provide new smart functionalities too.

Android launcher apps are an integral part of the Android experience and admit that if you’re using Android, you must’ve tried to customize at least once. Since there are so many choices from various categories, we’ve compiled a list of best Android Launchers in 2017. Moreover, the Google Now Launcher is also shutting its doors this year so you wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.

1. ADW Launcher 2

The ADW Launcher was on the top until the developers stopped providing support to its users. However, when the team came up with ADW Launcher 2, it was evident that the first choice is a must for this launcher. So, the ADW Launcher includes an updated interface that fits in line better with the latest stock Android. Also, there are shortcuts, various customization options, new extensions, and dozens of other modern features.

The best feature that came this time is the make-your-own-widget feature that gave it back its place in the charts. You can download the launcher for free or get the pro version as an in-app purchase for $3.49.

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2. Pixel Launcher

Last Year, Google announced its own Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones with a new default launcher. However, it was not released for other smartphone users. The reason behind the popularity of Pixel Launcher is that it is clean and fast and brings out the new icon design and translucent bar.

You can get your hands on this launcher by side rolling it from third-party websites as it not officially released yet. However, there are some resembling launcher apps that give you the same feel.

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3. BlackBerry Launcher

BlackBerry may have lost the hardware game, but it’s still giving a big push to Android software. The latest BlackBerry Launcher is smartly blended with the BlackBerry Hub+ that consolidates all of your emails, messages, and other important notifications in one place to get you quick access.

Download the launcher and hub together to try them out, even if you don’t have a BlackBerry smartphone.

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4. Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is my personal favorite. Now, it seems to have grown into a perfect Android launcher. Like any standard launcher, it comes with an idea of a home screen with all the apps on it. However, Microsoft didn’t stop there. You now have different pre-set home screens that would show you your frequent contacts, reminders, recent documents, and all the apps that you use.

You can add some other widgets in the same home screen. There’s also a quick control center that you can open by swiping up the App Dock that resembles Apple’s iOS. Some of the features are also integrated with other Microsoft apps.



5. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has been ruling the Play Store for a few years now and still remains as one of the most iconic Android launchers. Like Action Launcher, Apex aims to give you the stock Android experience with a few extra features thrown here and there. And the functions that make it popular are things like animations with different transitions, scrolling begins, and with a little improvisation on the app dock which you can scroll.

Apex Launcher also includes a theme engine with frequent updates to keep the looks and design new.



6. Evie Launcher

If you’re into minimalism, then Evie Launcher should be your first choice as it is almost like the stock Android. There’s also a smart slide-out bar on the left from where you can get access to all of your apps.

Some other useful features like Live wallpapers support, custom app dock, home screen, and app drawer tweaking options are also present in the Evie Launcher.

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7. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher was dead for almost two years when they shut down its operations in 2015. The developers hit the Google Play Store again in January 2017. It’s a pretty decent Android Launcher and boasts a lot of smart features which is the reason it’s on our Top 10 list. There are smart folders which you can use to categorize the apps automatically, and it also has contextual feed off objects like notifications, missed calls, calendar events and much more.

The UI is a bit changed, and it takes time to learn your habits. You can download it for free from the Store.

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8. Lens Launcher

The developers of the Lens Launcher took a really bold jump in the creativity pool and came out with this unique launcher. What this app does is that it puts every single app on the home screen, the icon size is gets reduced if you have dozens of the app on your device. But here’s the great thing, you can quickly zoom in and pick the app that you want to open.

Lens Launcher does not suit everyone’s taste but is a great launcher.

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9. Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher, when launched, was a pretty stock app which has now evolved into the most customizable Android Launcher on the Google Play Store. It’s still super lightweight and resembles the King, Nova Launcher. The launcher gives you the ability to change anything on the home screen. Have multiple home screens as you like and additional plugins, language packs, make it more customizable.

The feature list isn’t pretty long, but it does tick all the right boxes.

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10. TSF Shell

And last but still the best, TSF Shell or Launcher is one of the most unique launcher apps. It’s been around here for a few years now and offers a ton load of customizations and also includes full gesture support. The Launcher can do a lot of things that are pretty cool.

As there’s the thin line between Shells and Launchers, the feature varies but are useful indeed. TSF include 3D animations, the unlimited dock bar, multiple selections of things like icons, widgets, and much more. It’s absolutely free to download, and you can also enable app badges using another plugin.

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So, this was my take on the best android launchers in 2017. Most of them are free and some offer the Pro Version which you subscribe to anytime. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you like the launchers in the comment section below. Cheers!

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