Projek High Council Live Episod 10, Full Drama Video

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Projek High Council Full Episod

Order breed chaos

If you haven’t yet seen Projek High Council, you are missing out. You can find plenty of other online content that follows it.

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What’s up?

The storyline is captivating and the performances outstanding. It is a show worth remembering. The television series is co-directed by Anwari Azaraf and Zulaikha Zakaria. It was released in 2021. It centers on Fakri (and Naim), two brothers who have been separated since childhood. They met at Kolej Ungku Dramat (KUDRAT), a prestigious school for boarding students. Fakhri wanted to end injustices and abuse of power. To become the school’s head, Fakhri entered the secret “Pilihanraya” competition. It was inspired by true Malaysian stories.

The Cast

This show features actors, actresses and singers such as 25-year-old Heroremaja, Daiyan Trisha, and Amir Ahnaf.

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