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Muvhango Teasers and Updates 2023 

On March 1st, 2023, Episode 4284 aired.

Vhutshilo decides to maintain his anonymity when his humiliation is displayed for everyone to see on the front page of a newspaper. James offers Gugu a pregnancy gift, but when Imani finds it, she thinks it’s her own.

Tshifhiwa counsels Mpho to appoint young members to the board who share her views, but Mpho worries that the shareholders could oppose.

The episode that aired on March 2nd, 2023, was 4285.

Once his confession is rejected, Borosi offers to provide a testimony so he can be held accountable and everyone else is exonerated. James tries to make things right between himself, Gugu, and Imani, but Imani cancels the wedding.

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The episode for March 3, 2023 is 4286.

The image of Susan is that of a bitter ex who lied to Azwindini’s detriment. The elders want more money for lobola when they hear about Gugu’s pregnancy and see how happy they are for her unborn child.

Although Mpho has been open with Rendani about her goal to run MMC, Mpho takes offence when Rendani asks her to describe the duties of a chairperson.

The 6th of March 2023, Episode 4287

When Vho-Masindi reveals all the beans about Azwindini, the defence is compromised. Motsamai and Gugu finally get married. Mpho and Rendani come to terms, but Rendani still thinks Mpho is unfit to be the board chair.


March 7th, 2023, was the air date for Episode 4288.

Mulimisi takes the mike. Gugu defends Imani when Miriam lashes out at her for not having children for James. Tshifhiwa looks for the people who bought KK’s MMC shares in order to persuade them to elect Mpho as board chairwoman.

On March 8th, 2023, Episode 4289 aired.

Borosi recounts to his family how Musundwa convinced him that the ceremony had to be conducted, and they decide that Borosi is not responsible. Imani must always be treat with respect, according to James.  Tshifhiwa requests that Mpho provide invitations for a shareholders meeting.

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