On Lestary TV3, the next drama Kami Budak Band will air. Helmi Yusof is the host of the 13-episode serial Suhan Cinema & Commerce. Menampilkan pelakon Ezzrin Loy, Kucaimarz, Ariff Bahran, and many others. I will start playing my band’s songs on TV3 or online at tonton.com at 9.00 a.m. on February 18, 2023, my 13th episode of

Kami Budak Band

Last updated at 9 a.m. on February 18, 2023, Rabu-Sabtu. Rangkaian’s Waktim Siaran Lestary TV3
Azril Hamzah, Amar Amir, and Amin Shakib
The pen name is Helmi Yusof.
The theme music for Sayonara, written by Ezzrin Loy, Kucaimarz, and Ariff Bahran, is produced by Suhan Cinema & Trade.

Pelakon Watak
Aiman Kucaimarz, Haqiem Ariff Bahran, Rizal Didi Astillah, Nina Qistina Khaled, Rita Bella Dowant an, Qaseh Hasnul Rahmat, and Razman are just a few of the characters that Ahmad Ezzrin Loy performed.
Cat Farish plays AR Bustam.
Mimi Ernida portraying Uncle Razak, Salwa Mahat Selamat, Amy Harissa Adlynn, Amanda Putri Jannah, and Anis Elya Miera
Nur Hisyam Abu Bakar pretended to be Harun Azlina Md. Noor, Raihan Nor Intan Suria Mat Isa, and Sherry.

Synopsis by Kami Budak Band

source : Cintatv.com

Aiman, Rizal, and Haqiem, three friends who all hail from the same kampung, aspire to advance so they can pursue jobs in the music business. There are several hlangans and cabarans that they must comprehend, as opposed to the impian that they seek to catch.

Aiman (Ezzrin Loy) weeps nonstop when she thinks of the kejayaan that the abang and the kakak already carried out. Aiman cannot count on the support of his two other siblings if he decides to pursue a career in music. Ibu Bapanya deduced that it was a nice one based on Aiman’s keputusan. Aiman has been spending time with his younger brother after being removed from the kerjany area in anticipation of being given permission to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

to make their names known in the music world with the band “Kami Budak.”

(Kucaimarz), who raked them as well, agreed that Rezal and Aiman were feeling some underlying tension. Haqiem nekad to elucidate the rationale behind their union to form a kugiran. Haqiem will be accessible to speak to Aiman and Rezal in their native tongue once it is established that they will  visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Is it true that all conflict in this city has something to do with these three men? Do they know who “Kami Budak Band” is in the radio music business?

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