The Nantikan drama “Isteri Halal,” a remake of the popular Philippine series Legal Wife, will premiere on Astro Ria in the Tiara time slot. Starring in the aforementioned 60-episode serial are Isyariana, Uqasha Senrose, Aidit Noh, and Nazim Othman. Under the arc of Uchee Fukada’s window, Radius One is being transmitted.

Beginning on February 27, 2023 at 6:00 a.m., Isteri Halal will be shown on Astro Ria (104), with the option to stream On Demand utilising Astro Box and the Astro GO app for more convenient viewing.

Isteri Halal 

sixty episodes
Date of Latest Revision: Isnin-Jumaat, February 27, 2023, 6:00 petan. Siaran Waktim
The Rangkaians are Astro Ria, Astro Go Penulis Skrip, Suzanna Zaily Zin, Shaza Talib, and Pahzai Al-Khaired.
The author is Uchee Fukada.
producer: Radius One Sdn Bhd

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Watak Pelakon
Mak Pah Isaac Iman, Adellia Aidit Noh, Adellia Che Azmi, Adellia Aidit Noh, Zayn Uqasha Senrose, Daniel Sharmaine Farouk, Suraya Sahronizam Noor, Aziz Qazem Nor, Aqil Nazzaty Rusli, Zahir Elly Suhaili, Fauziah Rasya Dean, Thalia Amylea, and Noor Amirul Asyhw

Halal Isteri Sinopsis

bringing up the Adellea and Zayn relationship, which was founded on kekayaan and the health of the heart.

Adellea instantly started living her life to the fullest after asking a question and urged her friends to back her in her desire to wed a lowly miskin.

Tuan Aziz needed to be reminded to pay attention as the situation deteriorated as the baby arrived. Adellea confronted her accusation by going back to the group of friends she had been with earlier.

Adellea did, however, bring up one specific instance during their talk, such as the altercation she had with her friends Eyra and Zayn.

Situation becomes more complicated due to Daniel’s desire to avenge Adellea for her mistreatment of him.

Adellea was able to handle everything with a variety of mendatang dugas. Was she able to thank everyone for their contributions to her life, which had become a nadi life for a long time?

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