During all of our childhood, we’ve learned this multiple time that Human is a Social Animal, and it is a human tendency to feel satisfaction in finding out who is more interested in him/her, and it has made this not so wanted the feature of Facebook as the most wanted feature. Moreover, coming back to the point. So, you want to see who views your Facebook Profile, right? Then, it is recommended not to use any third-party Facebook applications but most people use them blindly, and end up getting spams.

Without any further ado, let’s start with the guide.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Does this question ever come to your mind? I believe yes. We know that you are curious to find out who is looking at your profile and you want to know if there’s something technical in it? But I would like to shed a little light that this feature is against Facebook policies, but still, there are few different methods that you can try.

So, let’s get started…

1. Using the Google Chrome Extension

To those who haven’t explored the possibilities of free Google Chrome Extensions, then here is the “Profile Visitors for Facebook” that enables you to track all the visitors and who viewed your Facebook Profile. It works like exactly what it says, but the only bummer is that the tool only works for the Chrome Browser users so you can track those visitors who are also using this extension and have it installed on their Browser and visiting your profile from their chrome browser otherwise this extension will not work otherwise.

So, if you’re really wishing to see if your crush is visiting your profile or not, then it is better to make them install the extension on their Chrome Browser.

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

Simply, search the Profile visitors for the Facebook extension from the Google Web Store and download it for your browser.

Now, login to your facebook account and you’ll now notice the extra Visitors tab next to the left of Home button.

Click on that button and a popup will open showing you all the recent visitors of your Facebook account with time. However, as previously mentioned before, it’ll only show the visitors who have the same extension installed on your device.

Profile visitors for Facebook is a genuine, 100% free and ad-free chrome extension. The extension’s concept is cool and works great if many people start using it. So, to increase the possibility, all you need is to share it more of your friends and family.

2. Using the Internet Browser itself

Do keep in mind that this method will not work on your smartphone, so better be ready with your PC or Laptop.

Step 1 – Open your facebook timeline and copy the URL – facebook.com/johndoe.

Right-click with the mouse in your browser and click on “View Page Source.” Now, you’ll be automatically redirected to a new page with dozens of HTML/CSS/Javascript codes.

Now, hold CTRL+F (or Command+F on Mac OS) on your keyboard, that activates the Find feature. A search box will appear, and in that box, just type- “InitialChatFriendsList” without the double quotes.

After searching, you’ll find a list of numbers, and all of these are profile IDs of people and your friends who’ve visited your FB timeline.

Now, go to “Facebook.com” and then paste the ID number beside URL with a “\.” For example, if the ID is XXXX, you have to put it at- facebook.com/xxxx. The first ID that’ll pop up on the page is the person visits profile more often while the ID in the last never visits your profile!

3. The Premium Working Trick: The Social Fans App

This is the last method that exclusively works for iPhone users. iOS-powered devices who aren’t yet satisfied with all the tricks mentioned above. So, there is an app, Social Fans that allows you to control your different social accounts with one app.

Using Social Fans, you can get a detailed analysis of your Facebook profile and other social media sites which also involves, the highest visitor or your fans. The app is available on the Apple Store, and you can purchase its subscription for $27.99 for the monthly subscription, and $6.99 for the weekly plan as well.


Final Thoughts

All in All, I think you’re finally capable of answering to your question of who is viewing my Facebook profile, don’t you? Now, this is pretty hard to do as it is officially not provided by the Facebook itself but the tricks that I’ve mentioned would definitely work.

Moreover, If you face any issue in tracking out who viewed your Facebook profile, then you can definitely contact our website by dropping a comment below. Do let me know if the method is satisfying your needs or no. Also, for all the Apple Users, I’ll recommend you first to try out all the methods mentioned before purchasing the Social Fans App. Cheers

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