Instagram quickly took over the social media become the top destination for all the photographers and people to view photographs from individuals and beautiful places all over the world. In fact, millions of users upload millions of photos to Instagram daily, making it the world’s most popular image-sharing website or application.

While watching all those great photos in your photostream is a fun exercise, it is challenging and gets irritating when you want to save the photos, but you can’t-do so. In Instagram’s defence, they do offer an option to save the following photo or video to your collection, which you can only view in the Instagram App. You can like them, bookmark them to revisit whenever you want to the images, but simply, cannot download it.

Since you cannot save photos directly on Instagram, there are dozens of workarounds available to get the images off Instagram and onto your smartphone or PC easily.

You may have your own reasons for downloading a photo. Perhaps you accidentally deleted the original photos from your device, and the only copy you have left is the one that you posted to Instagram. Maybe there’s a photo that you absolutely love and would like to have it your WhatsApp profile picture. Some of your picture is really good and you think that you can get more likes and Instagram followers on that. In short, there are hundreds of different reasons for wanting to save the image.

Download Photos from Instagram

Just because there’s no download button, doesn’t really means that you cannot download it. So, here we’ve found the best ways to download photos from Instagram and how to save photos on Instagram without actually downloading them on your device. Some tricks are as easy as clicking few buttons here and there, while some take a bit more digging, but they all work, and that’s what you really need.

Note: Respect other users’ privacy. This is the sole reason Instagram doesn’t offer downloading a photo. Now, downloading it for personal enjoyment is one thing, but if you intend to use it or repost it without the owner’s permission, then you’ll definitely suffer. Instagram also has an in-depth section regarding copyrights.

How To Bookmark Photos On Instagram?

As I’ve already mentioned, Instagram added the feature to organize and save posts. They’re more like the Pinterest boards but on Instagram. Using this bookmark feature, you can easily save photos that you like to view later, like saving all the #wanderlust into a folder of travel you’d like to try while the cute Doggo pictures in another folder. This collection features works like a charm and is pretty much satisfactory, but the only bummer is that this works with an active Internet Connection only.

Step 1: Open the image you’d like to save, tap the bookmark icon on the right of the like, comment bar.

Step 2: The photo is now saved to your collection but if you’d like to organize your saved Instagram photos, just tap the “Save to Collections.”

Step 3: Now, to view, edit, and organize your Instagram saved posts, open up your profile and tap on the bookmark icon above the images. From here, you can create separate folders to save the photos in the same category, or remove them, etc.

1. How to save Images from Instagram in Windows and Mac OS?

This is a third-party website that offers you to download the photos from Instagram. For this, you’ll need to open up your Instagram account in your Browser.

 1: Open the Instagram Website.

 2: Find the photo that you want to download and click on it.

3: Copy the image’s URL from the address bar ( something like this), in your browser.

 4: Now, visit the DownloadGram’s website.

S 5: Paste the photo’s URL into the box with the auto-generated Instagram link, and Click on the Download button.

Step 6: It’ll take few seconds to process the link, then you can view and click on the resulting picture, which you can easily save by clicking on the Download Button.


2 – 4K Stogram, the Premium Tool

4K Stogram

This is another remarkable tool that you can use to download as many photos you want from Instagram.

Step 1: Download the 4K Stogram on your PC or Macbook.

Step 2: After installation, open the tool and search the Instagram username, hashtag, or even the location of the search bar from where you want to download the image.

Step 3: Click on Subscribe.

Step 4: Click on the photo which you want to download and automatically open the image. Now, this feature is limited to few downloads only

Step 5: For the ability to download more pictures or if you want to do this for dozens of photos, just purchase the license key here for $10.


3. Using the Instagram Website Itself.

This might or might not work, so I’ll suggest you try out this method after you’ve tried all the other tricks mentioned in the guide.

Step 1: Navigate to Instagram’s Website in your Browser.

Step 2: Search the Instagram photo which you want to save and click on it.

Step 4: Right-click, or Ctrl + U (command + u for Mac) and click View Page Source or equivalent.

Step 6: Either locate the “meta property” information manually, or you can find it by hitting Control+ F or Command + f (For Mac users) and search meta property into the search bar. Here, you’ll find a line of code that begins with <meta property=” og: image. “

Step 7: Just copy the link that follows the “content=” after the meta property tag until you find a standard photo extension, specifically JPEG, JPG or PNG.

Step 8: Paste this link into your browser and press Enter.

Step 9: You’ll be now taken to a page with just the photo which you want to download. Now, right-click on the image, and select Save Image As to download the photo on your PC but you should respect the Owner’s Copyright.


4. How to save Photos on iPhones, iPads using INSTASAVE

Instasave for iOS

Note: Do keep in mind that to prevent image theft or any copyright policy, InstaSave on iOS only allows you to save photos from your own Instagram Profile. Users should also avoid the app’s “buy likes” extended feature, which is against Instagram’s terms of use.

Step 1: Download the Instasave App from the Apple Store and log-in to your Instagram account using the same credentials.

Step 2: Tap the Profile icon in the bottom menu to access your photos.

Step 3: Select the image you’d like to save.

Step 4: Tap on the arrow download icon on the bottom right and click on “save” from the Pop-Up menu.

Step 5: Select, Copy the share URL to download the photo.


5. Instasave for Android

is also available for Android Users as well, exclusively free and you can download the app from Google Play Store. After installing, you’ll need to login to the app using your Instagram username and password. The rest of the process is just as the same as mentioned above for iOS users.

Disclaimer – Know that there is no straight or official way to download photos from Instagram. To protect the copyright on pictures, Instagram does not allow its users to save someone’s photo directly from the app itself. Also, do not download and post someone’s else works unless you’ve got the permission from the original photographer or the artist.
Do let me know if you’re experiencing any trouble related to downloading the image. You can hit me up by commenting below and through our contact page.

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