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Episode 163 for March 1, 2023

The deadline is given to Senzo The deadline has been set for Senzo. Shoki and Nomsa are put in an impossible circumstances.

Episode 164 that aired on Wednesday, 2 March 2023.

When Molefe begins start working on his own project which is called doome Nkosi and Zanele are celebrating what seems to be an immense success.

Episode 165 for March 3, 2023, on Friday

Funani is eventually able to discover the truth about what’s happening in his home. Molefe begins his quest to make sure the family he has created can ensure that he can provide Dorothy with a serene life.

Episode 166 of March 6th 2023.

When Senzo makes a significant selection, Molefe receives some much-needed guidance as he starts his journey.

Episode 167 was broadcast on the 7th of March 2023.

Although Nomsa plays housekeeper, Molefe is skilled and urgently requires Isaac’s assistance.

Episode 168 starting March 8th 2023

In the midst of not knowing whom he’s talking to, The Molefe’s “can do” attitude impresses Dorothy. Funani is struggling to become a father.

Episode 169, which ran on March 9 2023.

Molefe’s goals have a direct impact on Isaac also Rea too, which is why Funani seeks help from Ona Senzo.

Episode 170 for March 10, 2023 on Friday

If a threatening Senzo continues to terrorize the neighborhood Molefe continues his job.

Episode 171 on March 13, 2023, Monday

Faith decides to prioritise her family even though she knows that it could be costly. Neo takes the initiative for herself to take her own choices.

Episode 172 for March 14th, 2023

Faith is suffering from an issue and needs help in desperate in need. Neo does an unplanned thing.

Episode 173 for March 15, 2023 on Wednesday

Pearl is facing serious problems. She’s in a stressful position, and Senzo must adhere to the strict new rules of the home.

Episode 174 took place on the 16th February 2023.

Senzo is required to adjust to the changing circumstances. Surprisingly, the hero is there to help.

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