In the age of smartphones, who sits and watches the news to keep them updated with the world? News that we strive upon for knowledge and to know the whereabouts of the world. It is weird that how the story about the world fits in the newspaper. There is news that can be read online and nowadays it is preferred that way. With time and tide, everything does change. This shift has been an impact on people, and they have been consumed by it.

There are different ways to learn about the news and Google news is one of them. But with that comes certain complications, things that are way too much to consume. So, these are the best Google News alternatives that can make it look compact and work it out.

The Google News Alternatives for Android and iOS

1. Bing News

Bing news is one alternative that we can rely upon is one of the best alternatives. It uses the same source from Times of India and other news agencies.

It offers a suitable cross-section of news from sports to entertainment to politics and other news options. Bing news can also be available on Windows and other stores that make it easily accessible.


2. Yahoo News

Yahoo news being similar to Bing news is one to give a tight competition to Google news. It has given it competition in the search engine. It is easy to use and read, and it’s incredible to see that there are a lot of competitors. Yahoo news brings in the artistic effect that it owns and reading news through it makes it efficient.


3. Business Insider

Business Insider is new and fresh; it is compact in the sense of its feeds and covers everything that happens in the world. It is compact in the sense of its presentation and everything.

Business Insider provides amazing features to read and is available in all versions. Covering Polity, Sports, world news, articles related to climate change and other factors.


4. TOI (Times of India Mobile App)

Times of India is for Indian users and the other entire users who want to read. It is an application that is used to read the news and get updates of the things happening in the world. But recently TOI has come under criticism for news that they post. But all in all, this is a great alternative to the Google News. And, everyone is aware of its dominance among the physical media and publications. So, you can blindly trust on its articles for the latest news and information.



Digg offers the better news right now and is compact in its presentation. It is available on all platforms. It is the alternative that we look up to. You can read your favorite stories and can share on any social media.


6. Blackberry News

With Blackberry News App, every news update is on your phone, and with each update of the news, you will be the same. There are different versions for that. Blackberry news is exciting on Blackberry phone and will be amazing to use them accordingly.


7. Newsstand

Apple Inc. has this application personalized for Apple users. This is dedicated to the downloading of newspapers and magazines. The news can be read over the notification bar. The magazines are fun, and the newspapers are fresh in the sense of its treatment.

8. Reddit

It a social media with the extra benefits of news and other sources of the whereabouts of the world. Reddit comes with different packages that evolve with time. Reddit makes it easy to be informed all the time.


9. BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed is new, fresh and surprising with its articles and news items. It mainly focuses on entertainment, but the articles that the firm writes are well read. The essential morning news and the things that are popular on the internet are there and reading these articles makes it easy.

It is officially not a news website but rather a modern publishing site that shares different things based on cult, trends, and the happenings in the world.


10. LinkedIn Plus

With the freshly launched app and the fresh new content, this app is the baby and the king of all the alternatives.This allows reading, writing and then studying the articles and the news of the world.


All the options seem good but with time there will be more, and then the summarization will be good. One of the newest and my favorite is InShorts App, it could also be the best among Google News Alternatives but is yet now global.

Also, the Facebook Desktop website also offers the short synopsis of trending news and information in its sidebar for its users to have a quick look, but instead people prefer ending watching stupid cats videos and tagging each other in memes. However, coming to the point, these are the apps like Google News are currently the top 10 Google News alternatives that you can try for Android, iOS, and Windows.

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