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The tale of Gomora is one of inequality. It is about the gap between the rich and the poor and how thin that gap might be. Two families’ lives are followed along with how their worlds collide.
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Episode 191 for January 18, 2021 on Monday

Thathi seeks to recruit Sonto to resume his hijacking activities. Sis Gcina takes drastic steps to assist Ntokozo. Unexpected strangers have arrived in Mazet.

Episode 192 from January 19th, 2021

Just as harmony appears to have returned to the Dlamini household, Ntokozo has more in store for his parents. When a tiny piece of evidence follows Sonto home after a hijacking, she is at a loss for words.

Episode 193 for January 20, 2021

Because of his mischievous nature, Ntokozo has a very poor reputation among his friends and family. Sonto recognises the cost of her deception and double existence, a cost she is unwilling to bear.

Episode 194 for January 21, 2021

While Ntokozo and Mazet struggle to find balance in their new normal, Sonto and Bra Mike are having a good time.

Episode 195 from January 22nd, 2021

To save Ntokozo, Mazet takes unfathomable measures. The Dlaminis family is taken aback by Ntokozo’s homecoming.

Episode 196 for January 25, 2021

While Sonto kills one of her employees, the Molefe family weeps.

Episode 197 for January 26, 2021

Thathi notices a rat while Mazet and Sonto are playing hide and seek. Lies told by Ntokozo bring the Dlaminis to Mazet’s door.

Episode 198 for January 27, 2021

Teddy is knocked out by Ntokozo, and Bra Mike is given a respectful send-off. Mazet considers London’s suggestion to blame the error on someone else and let them bear the consequences.

Episode 199 for January 28, 2021

Ntokozo returns to school but keeps his distance from his frightened parents. In order to preserve lives, Mazet must take a decision that bothers her.

Episode 200 for January 29, 2021

When Mam’Sonto practically completes the purification herself, Ntokozo is on her way. Although Mazet believes she has persuaded Mam’Sonto of what she has done, her good fortune just won’t hold.

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