The novels Andai Itu Takdirnya 1 & 2 by Siti Rosmizah will be adapted for a Nantikan drama and will air as a Megadrama on Astro Ria. SR One Sdn Bhd airs a 60-episode drama with Jamal Khan as the host. Shukri Yahaya and Hannah Delisha play Syed Adam Aizril and Aleya, respectively, in this drama.

Beginning on September 6, 2023, Saksikan Andai Itu Takdirnya will be broadcast only on Astro Ria (104) and will be accessible on demand through Astro Box and the Astro GO app for more flexible viewing options. It will be broadcast daily at 10:00 a.m. from Isnin to Khamis.


Andai Itu Takdirnya


The summary of Andai Itu Takdirnya
The only person from Aleya’s close-knit group to receive recognition is Syed Adam Aizril. Syed Aizril’s demeanour and alluring penampilan have earned her the reputation as a woman. She had gotten accustomed to leading a simple life and being close to her pals because she was a tokoh korporat. Dia is sensitive to treating others differently and has high standards. There was only one kejadian that spoke exclusively of Syed Aizril and Aleya.

Even though Syed Aizril frequently interferes with Aleya’s routine, she continues to live her life in Bahrain as an isteri. Syed Aizril soon after experienced kemalangan. Ia waxed lyrical about her everyday activities and vented her resentments at Aleya.

sorce :

As Sharifah Emilin receives a kiss from Syed Aizril while going about her daily activities, their romance falters once more. Janjinya and Aleya got along famously. Aleya and Syed Aizril’s romance had already come to an end at this point. The hidup is currently in jeopardy as a result of agony. Do you know how much time Aleya has left to talk to Syed Aizril?

1 and 2 of the novel Andai Itu Takdirnya
Aleya, a gadis from a close-knit neighbourhood. She talks about her worries with young tokoh korporat Syed Adam Aizril, a rakan student at a university in the UK. Due to her actions, Syed Aizril was mistaken for a woman.

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