Your worst blog experiences?

The Flametoys Gadgets blog is currently hosting a blog parade on the topic “ Worst Blog Experiences? ” instead, since there hasn’t been a blog parade here in the NetzNews blog for a while, we have joined this blog parade once. In my almost 1 year of blogging, I have already had some negative experiences with the respective blogger and blog. In the lower area, the questions asked […]

Gomora teasers and updates january 2023

About Gomora The tale of Gomora is one of inequality. It is about the gap between the rich and the poor and how thin that gap might be. Two families’ lives are followed along with how their worlds collide. Gomora Latest Episodes 16-01-2023 which is SAfrica Official Channel which gives hd quality videos for free on time Dailybasis, South Africa […]

7de Laan teasers and updates january 2023

 About 7de Laan ! The Skeemsaam Soap is a multiracial soap opera that primarily focuses on the struggles, joys, and tragedies of a group of individuals living in a Johannesburg suburb like Melville, Parkview, or Norwood. Popular South African Afrikaans soap The 7de Laan soapie is made by Danie Odendaal and Danie Odendaal. It takes place during and immediately after […]

Skeem Saam Teasers and Update January 2023

About Skeem saam ! The story follows the lives of those who reside in Turfloop as they constantly battle for success. It first aired in January 201101. It has become into one of South Africa’s most beloved dramas. Teen age being put in adult setting has made it popular with TV viewer of all ages. Its topic of coming of […]